Thank You for purchasing the 12 Months ALL Access + Platinum Coaching Package!

You now have 12 Months of UNLIMITED Access to ALL 6 Divisions of the 2023 Online Architect Exam Prep extensive bank of materials which includes the CE, PA, PcM, PjM, PPD, and PPD (PPD to be released soon) divisions.

You will see a Welcome email with information on how to get started in our Platinum Program. In the meantime, you can access the course RIGHT NOW by clicking the link below;


My Course Portal

Once inside, click on the PC: Platinum Coaching course and be sure to begin with the START HERE which includes 11 Tasks that will help orient you with the program. 
If you’re brand new to the ARE, we suggest starting with PcM.
Eric and I  look forward to helping you pass the AREs!
Hope to see you on my next Monday Roundtable Call!
Thanks, David